Cannabis startups have been around for almost as long as smartphones. In fact, the smartphone has played a central role in connecting people with the world of drugs and businesses for decades. But even as everyone’s heard of virtual reality and cloud computing, the internet has experienced its fair share of ups and downs over the course of its history. As we look back on it all, we might see some similarities between now and then. Today’s internet users are hungry for more than just what they can find on a network list or website; they’re also very eager to conduct business online. So where do you start? Well, if you’re willing to take the next step and become a cannabis startup yourself, here are three great examples of how you could go about doing so:


While it’s easy to get excited about the potential of new technologies, it’s also easy to get invested in a trade that’s nothing more than a means to an end. We’ve seen this kind of behavior in various industries, most notably in the pharmaceutical industry. As such, it’s important to first put your money where your mouth is. There’s no sense in investing in a promising but unproven technology if you’re not willing to put your money where your mouth is too. Bartering is a wonderful way to make a small profit on some of the most trivial items in our lives: everyday items like groceries, gas, or groceries with food in them. Most stores will barter things like this, and so will many online retailers. You can even find people who do this all day long on social media and online forums.

Build a business with no product

Legal experts often cite the example of John D. and George W. who, as entrepreneurs, set out to build a genuine, lasting, and profitable product. Unfortunately, due to technological advancements and the advent of cheap natural gas, the DGs now face an impossible task: to remain viable as a business. It’s the same problem that faced early capitalists who, like the DGs, were also competing in an oil and gas industry: how to remain profitable while growing a sustainable and competitive business. At the same time, they also had to find a new way to use their capital to expand their reach and influence.

Establish a reputation as an industry leader

Amateur video camera-phone enthusiasts can’t help but notice the similarities between the now-defunct VHS and DVD rental service and the sky-tronelist-like internet personality we still call “The Real” George Soros. Both are based on the same ideas: the exploitation of the underserved. The primary difference, though, is that in the case of the former, it is the public that is being abandoned in favor of an industry that is already quite profitable; in the case of the latter, it is the private sector that is being abandoned in favor of a truly niche market that desperately needs support.

Launches an app

At the end of the day, you’re only as useful as your product. What’s more, what if you want to launch an app and not a website? Well, at least you can start by finding a good website and adding a few SEO tips to the mix? You can do this by entering your business name, address, and phone number in the App Store mobile app. Once you’ve got it all dialed-in, you can choose between the app store and the website. If you want to make a stand for your brand, you can even build a website or a mobile app that puts your name front and center in the user experience.

Wraps up: Finishing a business journey

At the end of the day, the business journey is the most important aspect of any entrepreneur. It’s what sets an individual and business apart from the rest. For those who are new to the game, it’s also the most important stage in the process. It’s here that you’ll make a significant contribution to the world. After all, your business is going to be the product that people use to make purchases and use to create a social life together. So it’s important to know how you can stand out in the market as well as in the eyes of your customers. There’s no sense in being a one-trick pony if all you’re doing is leading with one hand and Gran Coulee will follow with the other.

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